My name is Greg Childs. I am a motorsport, adventure, travel and event photographer. I have also started more recently to try my hand at a bit of writing / blogging to complement the work I do as a photographer.

I love Motorsport. I love adventure. And I love travel.

First and foremost, I have a real passion for photography, and I want to use that passion to capture amazing and engaging photographs. I also have a real passion and desire to tell other people’s stories, and to use my skills as a photographer to really capture and portray those stories the best I can.

The best photographs for me are always the ones that have a story behind it and to do this, you really have to understand and appreciate the environment you are working in / with and I feel that I am able to do that well.

Whilst I also blog and hope to expand my writing skills over time, covering a variety of topics, it is ultimately the photography side that really, for me, tells the story best.

I see and admire a lot of other photographer’s work and that really gives me inspiration to go out there and develop my own skills and passion.

I’m always looking for interesting projects and constantly expanding my skillset as I believe any good photographer should. I am confident and experienced with adapting my photography style as well, to suit the various different conditions and environments that I regularly find myself working in.

I firmly believe that whatever your subject, you need to establish a good connection and relationship with it, before just trying to snap away. To truly take a great photograph, you need to understand the real meaning, emotion and story behind what you are trying to portray.

I have learned to be patient and take my time to really look at things around me. To immerse myself fully in the surroundings. I believe that this approach gives me the best possible chance of capturing the scene honestly, from the smallest details and perfect moments to all the action and atmosphere.

I have started to blog as well, and really enjoy adding that element to my work. You can currently follow my work through my blog.

If you think you might have a project for me, or you’d like to collaborate and work together, I’d love to hear from you. Just send me a few details on my contact form or give me a call.

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram to see my latest work.




“Greg has an eye for a good shot, he looks at events differently, and captures them perfectly on camera. Greg did a great job for us during the 2016 season…”

Graham Johnson, Team Principal, Lanan Racing

“The profile of the football team has been greatly enhanced since using Greg’s superb images. Always on hand at the crucial moments to capture that special shot. Thoroughly enjoyable experience working with Greg with cracking results. A must have photographer for any event.”

Darren Whiley, Chairman, Barton Rovers FC

“Greg is a reliable, talented and creative member of the photography team. He can work independently and communicates with our clients competently. Most importantly, his photographs are high quality and always meet the brief. Greg has a good photographic eye and has very good technical knowledge. I would definitely recommend Greg Childs.”

Greg McClarnon, Splaat Media
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